Judicial Branch vacancies will be filled in the coming months. Any questions about the Judicial Branch can be sent to the Chief Justice, Scott Braatz.

Information on the positions:

The Head Associate Justice is elected by members of the Judicial Branch to fulfill administrative tasks, Chair the Appeals Judicial Panel, and perform duties in the absence of the Chief Justice.

Associate Justices deliberate interpretations of the governing documents and help to manage aspects of SGA elections. Also, they serve as members of the Initial Judicial Panel and suggest yearly edits to the election code.

Clerks of Court investigate evidence in all cases and determine whether cases are heard by the Court. They also perform clerical tasks to ensure the operations of the Judicial Branch and comprise the Appeals Judicial Panel.

Judicial Branch Head

Chief Justice: Scott Braatz

Email: sbraatz@vt.edu

The Chief Justice is responsible for interpreting the Constitution, Bylaws, and Election Code, as well as leading the Initial Judicial Panel. They are the head officer of the Judicial Branch. Additionally, they are charged with managing SGA elections and administering the Oath of Office for new members.

Judicial Branch Members

Head Associate Justice


Associate Justices:


Clerk(s) of Court: