Smoke-Free VT

Smoke-Free VT is a campaign to create a healthier environment for our student body by implementing a smoke-free policy at Virginia Tech. We believe that Virginia Tech deserves to have the healthiest and safest atmosphere that it can for its students, staff, faculty, alumni and visitors.

Our goal for the campaign and petition is to raise awareness and demonstrate concern about this public health and environmental issue on our campus, and ultimately amend current policy to create a smoke-free policy.  

Virginia Tech is working alongside the University of Virginia and James Madison University to create smoke-free campuses across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Read the full campaign description, definitions, and proposed policy exceptions, visit

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Student Government Association is partnered with Relay For Life at Virginia Tech and Hokie Wellness in an effort to make a Virginia Tech smoke-free environment.For more information about the nation-wide campaign for smoke-free campuses, visit

For more information about the personal and public health hazards of using tobacco and dangers of secondhand smoke, visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website at

For more information about Virginia advocacy for smoke-free, visit